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After writing an article for Mind Body Green went viral, I was invited to speak about my experience as a Yogi being diagnosed and treated for Stage 3 Rectal Cancer at their annual event for health and wellness trailblazers, Revilatize. The talk was received generously, the video was posted online and quickly picked-up 75K+ views. The process proved to be therapeutic and I realized that my voice is unique. The retelling of my personal experience was full of lessons for individuals; both relatable and inspiring. Being diagnosed with Cancer and coming out the other side has been an incredibly transformative process - grateful for every breath, sunrise and sunset. The lessons keep coming - I moved to a new city, renovated a new home, built an indoor hydroponic farm and adopted a senior dog. And, I continue to share my stories; I've graced the stage of TEDx Hollywood, FL where I spoke about individual action to remedy our broken food system. I present publicly as an expert and advocate regarding the future of food, female leadership and advocate for access to complimentary care for cancer patients.

professional bio

Lisa Merkle is the proud co-founder of Box Greens est. 2018. Bringing ‘Hydroponic Box Farms’ into urban areas of South Florida, providing fresh greens to discerning diners, transforming our food system and developing a movement of pioneers throughout South Florida in the booming field of AgTech.

Box Greens takes used shipping containers and transforms them into indoor hydroponic farms. Each container produces over 800 heads a lettuce a week on a 320 sq ft footprint. Every container is outfitted with racks & trays, LED grow lights, HVAC and an irrigation system to deliver nutrients directly to the plants. Indoor farming provides a controlled environment. The result is far fewer problems with bug infestations, funguses, and disease; eliminating the necessity to use chemical pesticides and harsh chemicals. Growing locally and delivering in close proximity to the farm the same day the greens are harvested eliminates the devastating effects on our environment from transporting food. Flavor and nutrition are preserved, providing food that is good for our health and the environment.


The genesis of Box Greens marks a homecoming for Lisa. She returns to Miami after 17 years in New York City where she launched an event production and lifestyle design studio. After becoming certified as a yoga teacher and a Holistic Health Coach she carved out a reputation as an expert in lifestyle design to serve clients associating with health and wellness trends. In addition to full-scale event production, Lisa regularly provided services that included curriculum development, program curation, press events, product launches, and panel discussions. Prior to launching her own business, she spent a decade as Studio Manager with photographer Bruce Weber. 


Serving as a female farmer and entrepreneur in the field of AgTech (Agriculture + Technology) provides a unique perspective on the current state of affairs and the challenges we face collectively: climate change, food access and insecurity, and the disastrous Standard American Diet. A student of Yoga and Philosophy; Lisa brings Compassion and qualities of The Divine Feminine into every aspect of her work and life. 

Lisa is a contributing writer with Mind Body Green. She spoke live at Revitalize 2017, their annual invitation-only event for health and wellness influencers which was broadcast live to 1 Million viewers. In October of 2019, she graced the stage of TEDx Hollywood, FL where she spoke about solutions to remedy our broken food system. Lisa presents publicly as an expert and advocate regarding the future of food, female leadership, and complementary care for cancer patients.

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