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Cancer Survivor



Curious? Want to hear more?

Storytelling evokes compassions and enlivens our awareness.

A gentle reminder that we are all in this together.

Sometimes; stories are a blueprint, instructions for living.

It’s an honor to share the stories of my personal experiences in hopes of touching others.



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I first met Lisa Merkle of Box Greens in NYC at a Food Tank conference. We were both there to learn about food justice, food waste impact on climate and healthy food practices. James Beard Award winner, Chef Daniel Barber was the keynote speaker and was very inspiring sharing his story about the principles of good farming,

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    In this episode, we meet with two entrepreneurs who are leading the local food movement in Miami through their work! Lisa Merkle of BoxGreens, a hydroponic farm growing fresh greens that are pesticide & herbicide free, non-GMO and packed with incredible taste and nutrition.

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    What I learned when the prospect of childbirth was briefly taken from me...

    This world needs more feminine energy to create, lead, and teach. What are your skills, resources, and passions? Channel that energy into something productive. The children of the world need you.

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      In this episode, we’re talking with Lisa Merkle, a self described yogi, event designer, and cancer survivor, about her life before cancer, how she navigated both western and eastern approaches to fighting the disease and healing her body, and what she learned through the process.

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